the idea

Young people can play a distinctive role in building a future that is based on respect, dialogue and reconciliation.

We aim to create a network of young females from Poland, Germany and Ukraine who see the problems with raising extreme attitudes in our societies and want to counteract them.

call for participants

Join this project if you are:

  • a woman aged 18-29
  • a leader striving to make a positive impact
  • interested in the topic of dialogue and reconciliation
  • Polish, German or Ukrainian

Meet your hosts

The project is a joint cooperation between the Foundation for Education and Dialogue from Krakow (Poland) and March of Life from Tubingen (Germany).

March of Life Logo
Kraków Bazylika Mariacka i Sukiennice Panorama z powietrza

For many years both organizations are organizing meetings and projects for reconciliation between nations and building social dialogue.

Visit Cracow and meet unique people

We will host you in historical Krakow, teach you new methods of problem solving and give you space to share your perspective on dialogue and challenges connected to extreme attitudes.

Select the date of your workshop

We are organizing three Common Dialogue workshops in 2022. Choose the date that suits you best.





Fill in the registration form, and we will let you know within three working days if you are in.

What to expect during the four-day workshop?


Design Thinking Labs

learn to analyse complex problems together with others seek innovative, prototype solutions


Empathy Workshops

put yourself in the role of another person and share your thoughts with others stop and listen to your own body and emotions


Intercultural Session

discover Poland’s multicultural history learn about contemporary efforts to build international dialogue and reconciliation

Frequently asked questions

What you need to know about our project

Review the information provided and fill in the registration form below. We will let you know within three working days if you are in.

You will be part of a Polish-German-Ukrainian group of young women working on definitions of extreme attitudes in our societies, on what triggers them and how to counteract them. You will learn to work with new methods, which will be useful not only during the workshops.
At the end you will get access to the project’s results on our website (which you can then share with your community).

– you will take part in the Design Thinking Session – almost four days in Krakow, fully covered by us;
– you will have a chance to share your perspective on dialogue and challenges connected to extreme attitudes in our societies;

The project is co-financed by the European Union. Your accommodation, food, and travel costs are fully covered.